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What is Breadfruit?

A species of flowering tree in the mulberry and jackfruit family, the Breadfruit tree is believed to be closely related to a similar species (Artocarpus camansithat originated in New Guinea, the Maluku Islands and the Philippines and Micronesia (Artocarpus mariannensis). History tells us that early world navigators and explorers helped spread the tree to other countries- and they must have done a pretty good job as now more than 90 countries grow the tree and its fruit (okay, okay we can’t give them all the credit, but they do appear to have spread the love of breadfruit around). The tree is large and sturdy, and incredibly climate resilient. 


But although the tree is big and beautiful, the fruit is what the tree is mostly known for,  it’s delicious and incredibly versatile. Breadfruit’s name is understood to come from it’s similarity in it’s texture to freshly baked bread. It has a potato like flavour, and can be used in many different recipes.