The Breadfruit People

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Alternative use

Are there other products that could be made?


Apart from fresh consumption each Pacific Island nation produces a paste from starchy staples in which the cooked pounded cassava, breadfruit or taro is mixed with sugar and coconut cream (vakalolo in Fiji; puke in the Cook Islands; qalu in Kiribati; lu in Tonga; and poi in Hawaiʻi).  These are traditional dishes normally eaten at the meal table because they have a short shelf life but some are exported to the diaspora in packaged frozen form.  There is potential to include these items in the range of frozen foods for the tourism food service sector.


Kada chakka achaar is a breadfruit- based pickle, originally produced in Kerala but now produced in a number of countries.  It is a highly spiced paste based on baked – therefore low moisture content – breadfruit.  There are a range of products that can be made and sold from breadfruit as shown here in Figure 14.

Figure 14: Wide range of locally grown processed food products produced at the
Tutu Rural Training Centre – including breadfruit chips and flour