Father Petero Matairatu

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Father Petero Matairatu is the Principle Director of the Tutu Rural Training Centre and has been a regular contributor to The Breadfruit People.
What inspired your love for breadfruit?
I enjoy the taste and texture of breadfruit.
What is one thing you would like people to know about breadfruit?
Breadfruit trees, although it takes a couple of years to fruit are very easy to grow
How have you been working or affiliated with the crop?
Through orchard planting and teaching others how to plant trees.
What is your favourite breadfruit dish?
I really enjoy breadfruit chips. Breadfruit is simply sliced and lightly fried in some oil, sprinkle with a little salt then all done.
In your opinion do you think breadfruit is a worthy opponent in the battle to conquer world hunger?
Yes, it is easy to grow and one tree can give you food for life.
Do you have a favourite breadfruit story?
When we were sent as a kid to pick breadfruit the trees were tall with no other option but to cut the tree, now I know better and hope to teach the younger generations about what we have learnt.
What is one important message you would like people to know or learn about breadfruit?
I strongly believe that breadfruit is the crop for the future and that orchard planting is the way forward.