John Cadman


Maui Breadfruit Company LLC

What inspired your love for breadfruit? 

It’s versatility, abundance, and the fact that it is so underutilized.

What is one thing you would like people to know about breadfruit?

Breadfruit, more than any other food crop, has the greatest potential to address food insecurity issues throughout the tropical areas of the world.

How have you been working or affiliated with the crop?

I have been producing value-added products using breadfruit for the past 8 years. Pies, Hummus, tamales, and patties are the main products.

What is your favourite breadfruit dish?

Crispy fried lightly salted.

In your opinion do you think breadfruit is a worthy opponent in the battle to conquer world hunger?

Without question.

What is one important message you would like people to know or learn about breadfruit?

If you live anywhere in the tropics, breadfruit should be viewed as the starch of choice in the diet, much more so than rice or potatoes that almost always need to be imported.

Do you have a favourite breadfruit story?

The inspiration for my main product, Pono Pies, came as a result of a breadfruit that got left in the back of my truck after a camping trip. After being home a few days and discovering the now ripened, sweet, and deliciously aromatic fruit, I had an idea to start making my now-famous pies.