Uto inspired Art

Nestled on the Coral Coast in the seaside town of Korotogo is Hot Glass, Fiji’s first and only glass blowing art studio. Artist and Chief Glass Blower Alice Hill uses glass to create wonderful art, including a masterpiece chandelier that features our beloved breadfruit.

The artwork features delicately blown glass from Alice’s studio and metalwork by Fijian artist Shane Bower. The Breadfruit piece was made as a chandelier. It now hangs proudly in Eden restaurant in Suva for all to marvel at its beauty. 

Speaking with artist Alice Hill, she commented “We decided to make our glass and copper uto tree as the centrepiece for our 2018 Born from Fire exhibition ‘From Ocean to Forest’. The uto tree is prolific in Fiji and is an important food source for the village and community. The contrast between the bright green glass fruit and the rich copper-red leaves was the perfect combination to celebrate the Uto.”

“When we first unveiled it at our exhibition the piece got a lot of attention, as the doors opened for the private view a representative from an overseas production company swooped in and bought it for Sangeeta Maharaj from Eden as a surprise gift. There was plenty of interest as it’s such a unique and distinctly tropical piece.”

Hot Glass Fiji creates bespoke art from hand-blown glass. For those in Fiji, you can book a glass blowing experience, and for those abroad, Hot Glass ships their pieces internationally, so you too could enjoy a masterpiece like that which hangs now in Eden.

Learn more about Hot Glass Fiji at: https://www.hotglassfiji.com/