Breadfruit People Interactive Workshop Launched

Breadfruit People on Wednesday 20th October launched the first of its four-part online interactive workshop.

Breadfruit People Products Interactive Online Workshop: “From concept to markets” is led by Senior Food Scientist Dr Richard Beyer, the workshop had participants from a wide selection of countries such as Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Marshal Islands, Hawaii, Trinidad and Tobago!

An overwhelming amount of interest was received via an application process which was screened and 35 people handpicked to participate.

With the aim to facilitate real-life product development through expertise from different areas, the workshop will have topics that include – product concept development, food handling and hygiene, methods of food preservation, and packaging and labelling.

Dr Richard Beyer captivated attendees with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on breadfruit as he guided them through concept and idea generation to local markets and commercialisation.

Facilitated by Craig Elevitch and his incredible team, who are breadfruit experts in their own right, the participants were taken on a journey of the evolution of breadfruit value-added products over the years from the extensive work Craig has done. From ‘Lomi Ulu’’ by Aunty Shirley to ‘Breadfruit Hummus’ by John Cadman, the wide selection of breadfruit recipe progression was evident and the excitement was felt amongst the group.

Dr Richard Beyer has and will continue to dedicate a good amount of his time assisting anyone that wants to learn and grow their knowledge of breadfruit.

The workshop continues next week.