First Breadfruit People Interactive Workshop Completed

Breadfruit People recently completed a four-week virtual workshop led by Dr. Richard Beyer whose contributions in food science have been of particular benefit to producers and farmer groups in the Pacific Islands.

The interactive online workshop was a series on developing value-added breadfruit products and is presented as part of continuing Breadfruit People support for breadfruit producers throughout Oceania.

After a thorough review of the applications reservice a shortlist of 34 eager participants from a wide range of countries including, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Fiji and Barbados.

Emphasis was placed on the long-term impact of the workshop series with participants encouraged to engage in dialogue but also to make contact with instructors and resource personnel.

Indeed one-on-one correspondence was established with five participants and it was possible to provide assistance in overcoming specific difficulties was provided.

Pacific Island Farmers Organization Network (PIFON) Executive Director and Breadfruit Coordinator Kyle Stice said ”The workshop was a great learning experience as we all try to navigate supporting farmers and processors with technical information and training in spite of closed borders.” He added, ‘it was amazing to see the level of interest and creativity from participants as they explore breadfruit product development and also market opportunities, it is clear that we will need to continue to encourage a vibrant breadfruit processing sector in order for breadfruit to make the significant contribution to food security and livelihoods that we believe it can”.

Breadfruit People plan to hold a similar workshop next year.