Breadfruit People Webinar Dates Confirmed

Breadfruit People Present Second Webinar Series

It’s finally here! We are super delighted to announce our second series of six webinars presented via Zoom will be held from October–December 2021.

The first webinar series included four topic areas and demonstrated widespread interest in sharing information about breadfruit (over 400 participants from 36 countries participated).

This second series expands upon the first series, with additional topics and numerous presenters from around the world.

The goal of this series is to share information, grow the network of breadfruit practitioners and continue to build new partnerships around this important crop.

Each 1.5 hour webinar features Breadfruit People Champions to share key information with participants. Participants will also have time to ask questions and interact with the presenters. Each webinar will be recorded and made available through the Breadfruit People website and YouTube channel.

Webinar topics (order may change):

  • Propagation systems
  • Breadfruit activities in the Caribbean
  • Value-added products: Flour
  • Breadfruit agronomy
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Varieties and seasonality

The dates and times for the webinars are: (times may change)

  1. Thursday, October 21, 11am (Hawaii)=Friday, October 22, 9am (Fiji)
  2. Thursday, November 4, 11am (Hawaii)=Friday, November 5, 9am (Fiji)
  3. Thursday, November 18, 11am (Hawaii)=Friday, November 19, 10am (Fiji)
  4. Thursday, December 2, 11am (Hawaii)=Friday, December 3, 10am (Fiji)
  5. Thursday, December 9, 11am (Hawaii)=Friday, December 10, 10am (Fiji)
  6. Thursday, December 16, 11am (Hawaii)=Friday, December 17, 10am (Fiji)

You can register from the first webinar via the link below and more information will follow in the next couple of days!

This activity is funded through the Farmers Organisations for Africa Caribbean and the Pacific (FO4ACP) Program which is a joint partnership between the EU, ACP, IFAD and PIFON. Key partners include UH Pacific Business Center Program, Hooulu ka Ulu, Agroforestry Net, Olohana Foundation, and the UH Multi-Purpose Business Incubator (MPBI). These webinars are possible because of our collective communities, our ancestors, and the many who care for breadfruit.