Breadfruit People Interactive Workshops Announced

We are also excited to be launching an interactive four-part online workshop focusing on the development of value-added products. This will be spearheaded as part of the continuing support from Breadfruit People to breadfruit producers throughout Oceania.

The special online workshop led by Dr. Richard Beyer is a four-part online weekly workshop for those who are ready to develop a breadfruit product and want to learn about developing value-added products.

Unlike the Breadfruit People webinars which introduce topics related to breadfruit, this series will facilitate real-life product development through expertise from different areas.

The workshop topics include Product Concept Development, Food Handling and Hygiene, Methods of Food Preservation, and Packaging and Labelling.

Participants will be guided through the process of developing their products through the workshop presentations, supplemented by assigned homework and personal consultation.

This online workshop is free but requires an application to be submitted by Friday, October 15.

Space is very limited, so not all applicants may be accommodated.

We look forward to your participation in these exciting online events that bring together breadfruit enthusiasts from all over the world.

Submit your application at