Exciting Months Ahead for Breadfruit People

The Breadfruit People have been working tirelessly in preparation to launch a few exciting projects.

Scheduled for later this year are six webinars with various topics that generated great interest from participants during the first set of webinars and these will be announced in the coming weeks.

Additionally, an interactive four-part online workshop focusing on the development of value-added products will be spearheaded as part of the continuing support from Breadfruit People to breadfruit producers throughout Oceania. Unlike the Breadfruit People webinars which introduce topics related to breadfruit, this series will facilitate real-life product development through expertise from different areas. The four workshop topics include Product Concept Development, Food Handling and Hygiene, Methods of Food Preservation, and Packaging and Labelling. Participants will be guided through the process of developing their products through the workshop presentations, supplemented by assigned homework and personal consultation.

Furthermore, production is underway for an educational video series emphasizing the economic, cultural, environment and nutritional values of breadfruit using examples from throughout the Pacific region. The role of breadfruit in food security, local food systems, value-added products, and cultural significance, will be highlighted. The videos will communicate a vision of breadfruit’s roles in food systems that support human, environmental, and economic health and will be released on Breadfruits digital platforms.

Breadfruit People projects are funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Asia Pacific Farmers Program and the Farmers’ Organizations for Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (FO4ACP) Programme, a joint partnership between the European Union, IFAD, Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) and Pacific Island Farmers Organisation Network (PIFON).